Imagining the impossible

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Louise Loverix' musings

A few years ago, I could not have imagined coming out onto the streets as a woman. No way. I would have been insane, wouldn’t I? The very thought of it, come on. Everyone would stare at me, I would be attacked, I would be ashamed to death.

And yet, one day it happened. And I haven’t regretted it for a second. On the contrary, I am so happy I did it, and I am proud of myself. And others are proud of me.

Somehow it is strange. Something that once seemed impossible has become reality. A dream has come true.

When I look back, nothing has changed in the world to make that dream a reality. Something has changed in the way I look at those things.

And there were some other unrealistic dreams:

  • No way I would ever go into a real shop to buy a skirt.
  • No…

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first time

hello to the world. this is my first post in fact. i want to share my adventure from my feminine part of me that was hidden for many years.

my first encounter with the feminine side was as a child. i saw my aunt getting ready for a party on saturday night. i was jealous that she was so lovely dressed. so when everyone was away i tried on some clothes that were to big for me of course. nice dresses and heels. what a feeling.

i think most of the tgirl undergo the same childhood experience.

then for many years there was nothing. except for a few rarely occasions in my teenager years. never had the urge that i was born in the wrong body. i was and still am happy in both modes.

why nothing for many years. combination of study and a father that became sick. i and my mother cared for home for many years. he had the disease of Parkinson. he died at the age of 69 now 9 years ago. this is still is a period that can never be erased. emotional. hard in many ways.

so many years my feminine part was well hidden. but since corona last year there was a sudden need to explore this feminine hidden part of me.

but this story i will write about the next time.

Shattering the Hourglass Figure

very nice toughts from Hannah. really very good.

Hannah McKnight

I work hard to stay in shape.  It gets harder as I get older and it’s not always easy to work out early in the mornings or pass up dessert, but these simple(?) things are really how I stay a size 12.  I mean, it SOUNDS simple but it’s so easy to tell myself that I’ll go to the gym tomorrow or one cookie can’t hurt.  

I also like to wear tight dresses that show off my figure and my legs.  Leather isn’t forgiving and I wear it often so my figure, for good or for bad, is on full display.  

I am asked about how I stay in shape, and really, diet and exercise.  That’s really it.  It sounds simple and it pretty much is, but the hard part is sticking to diet and exercise.  I don’t drink soda or alcohol and I am not a big candy girl, but…

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