Shattering the Hourglass Figure

very nice toughts from Hannah. really very good.

Hannah McKnight

I work hard to stay in shape.  It gets harder as I get older and it’s not always easy to work out early in the mornings or pass up dessert, but these simple(?) things are really how I stay a size 12.  I mean, it SOUNDS simple but it’s so easy to tell myself that I’ll go to the gym tomorrow or one cookie can’t hurt.  

I also like to wear tight dresses that show off my figure and my legs.  Leather isn’t forgiving and I wear it often so my figure, for good or for bad, is on full display.  

I am asked about how I stay in shape, and really, diet and exercise.  That’s really it.  It sounds simple and it pretty much is, but the hard part is sticking to diet and exercise.  I don’t drink soda or alcohol and I am not a big candy girl, but…

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